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Add your business to our "Upper Banner Advertising Program"
and have your companies logo/advertisement appear on our pages,
with a selectable link to the valuable business information that is
unique to you.

Non-Profit Organizations can host their Animated Linkable Logos
at no cost and can be featured on the
"Lower Banner Advertising Program."

Need A Logo Designed? We do custom graphic design of
Animated Logos for our Banner Programs.


Ad Pages:
For Display on Super Savings, The Edmonton Bulletin,
Or the development of space for Classifieds on
Bulletin International.com

Full Page:
3 pictures/graphics + Full Write-up, 8.5 x 11

Three Quarter Page:
3 pictures/graphics + 2 paragraphs, 8.5 x 7.5

Half Page:
2 pictures/graphics + paragraph, 8.5 x 5.5

Quarter Page:
2 pictures/graphics + basic information., 8.5 x 3
Business Card: 1 picture/graphic, 8.5 x 2


Block Buy Advertising is becoming a very cost effective
way of doing Business. What is it? We are getting businesses
together, consolidating the resources of several companies
to run larger Media Promotions & Campaigns(television/radio).

Anyone in business will tell you the enormous cost associated
with these types of advertising.
Block Buy Advertising
is in an effort to save capital, and gives smaller businesses
the opportunity to participate.

It provides added savings to larger businesses and more opportunities
for smaller ones.

Block Buy means we buy as a group. Whether it be Television, Radio,
Trade Magazines, Newspapers, Billboards. Buying as a group makes sense.

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