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Feature Business:
This is a high profile monthly feature on your business
or organization. We do an exclusive interview or obtain the needed
information for presentation to our subscriber base.
You may wish to inform people of your expansion, relocation,
products & services, career opportunities or just to provide
a better in-site on what you're all about. We include your Logo,
Picture, Full Write-up, hyper-links to your Page or Site if available
and do a full send to businesses in our network.
Also if there are certain business or organizations your information
should reach, provide us with the necessary information and we
will make sure they get it!

Promotional Web-Pages: Are becoming an increasingly popular
promotional tool. They can be designed an linked to already existing
Pages or Sites.
Customized just for your needs. This allows for flexability, utilizing
outside means for people to gain access to your exsisting site without
making any changes to it. For some, promotional Pages can be the start
of new or additional Page & Site development on the Internet.
You get a lot at an incredible value! For more information on Web-Pages,

List Your Business: Due to the increasing number of businesses seeking
a presents on the Internet, Our new format lists businesses and organizations
by category.
You can do this very easily, as we charge a low yearly cost
for each category you may want to be in…if you have a Web-Page or Site,
we automatically link you to it.

Super Savings: Exclusive to The Edmonton Bulletin, "Your Preferred Business Connection…" Sell it on the Internet! Display your business, advertise your products & services, items FOR SALE! The cost is low and affordable for one yearly price in accordance with what you wish to display.

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