Joint Ventures...

The Edmonton Bulletin largely services Edmonton business's and the surrounding committees. However the information we provide, now reaches across Canada, The United States and Overseas. As a result of this growth, we are now offering Joint Business Ventures.

This Opportunity may be the vehicle for you! Now, with the addition of
Bulletin International, we are now attracting Businesses with a "Global Presence", making the playing field that much more appealing.

Rather than starting from scratch, scrape together the needed capital and have to compete with an already competitive marketů
join us! We've done all the trials, know the competition and found "Our Niche" in the market place.

The Edmonton Bulletin is designed around a network of businesses. Someone like you may be perfect for participating in our continuing advance into the growing internet marketplace. From a growth perspective, your interest and background could be a big asset to The Edmonton Bulletin.

Contact us to get all the details, We have a number of options you will want to explore!

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