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Many start with simply listing their business on various sites, or doing some advertising on the Internet. But the creation of a Website is essential to staying competative in the digital age.
The Edmonton Bulletin can help...


Web-Page Programs

Your Web-Page can be hosted on The Edmonton Bulletin & Bulletin International.

Web page and site creation is a "building process" that is meant to enhance your business presence on-line.

All the Pages we design are "user friendly" and esthetically appropriate to your specific service. We custom design ALL sites to the specs of each prospective client.


Effectiveness & Results

Results vary from business to business. There are a number of factors that influence productivity or effectiveness. Much depends on how actively you promote the Web-page or site. Is your Web-Address on your business cards, customer receipts or purchase orders? The Edmonton Bulletin works with you to get the most from your internet investment. We take great pride in our efforts. Much of our success has been built around our willingness to understand the nature of your business, and put that understanding to work for you.
This is why our services are becoming more and more appealing to businesses looking to build on the Internet.

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Web Site Development

We have the resources to assist you in the development and hosting of a stand alone, independent, website.

Websites require the registration of your own Domain Name: We have a number of options that will assist you in this procedure.
If you are a provincially or nationally registered Canadian business, you can apply for; or .ca domain names.

The Registering of a Domain Name's is largely to indicate that you are the owner of this name and site. For your protection, make sure you are listed as the Administrative Contact.

You have an option of allowing us to screen your mail or you will need a line/cable connection, and can choose the one best suited or available. To host your site, you will require A SERVER. See "HOSTING" for all the options. Overall, the costs for Page & Site development have dropped considerably over the last three years making "The Internet", a serious consideration for home, small & large businesses.

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