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Bulletin International Dot Com is a “Global Directory” connecting and promoting Business around the world. We’re the new kid on the block and look forward to listing Your business or organization. We provide complete and full services for business and organizations seeking A presents on the Internet. Our marketing strategy is unique, building formats providing people direct access, “To Your Business” on the World-Wide-Web! Bulletin International.com, “Your Connection to The World…”, A Global Hub of Activity, envisioned as part of The Big Picture. Our desire to build a big business was always present included in the initial stages of our development. For THE MILLENNIUM… “Year 2000” and beyond. A site hosting business and Organizations requiring global exposure, scope and depth. Responding to this need well, meant providing: Categories & Search Options, on this site allows direct access to pages and sites we host. Search ability is increased with access to “The Web” itself. Make sure your business gets the FULL Attention it deserves. Now, with the addition of Our New Format, we will attract more and more Businesses to the site. "The place to find it on the Internet!" Bulletin International.com hosts Business Pages, Links and Banners to accommodate “Our global account base”. This site will bring business and information together From around the world at an affordable cost! We look forward to doing business with you, And providing the ever-increasing selection of choice to Our Readership! This means access to more information and the ability to shop the globe. Need more information on Bulletin International.com and Our Services?

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