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Web Maintenance...
There are different reasons why we Build Re-build or Maintain Web-Pages & Sites.

Good Public Relations means a maintaining of your customer base by keeping the level of interest in your business at a continual high! We are getting a number of clients that already have sites, but are not as pleased with the activity or reaction they had hoped forů

Are you happy with your sites performance? How it is representing your interests?
This is an area we are becoming more & more in tune with by compiling the information and doing the necessary homework. Site Comparisons and Evaluation is now a valuable resource when making changes. This process may take a little time, but we feel it's necessary to achieve the desired Page or Site design. Whether your business or organization needs an information based format or one that has to produce results, We have the experience, expertise and ability to work with you to meet your needs.

Expanding, Making Changes, A New Location or Opening, Increasing Your Share of the Market?

Maintaining your Web-Site/Page is serious business. Now we can provide you with access codes to pull your own information and see for yourself how your Page or Site is performing. This also allows you the option to maintain your Page or Site internally once you have acquired this ability. Many business are very pleased with our services in this area as they are extremely affordable.

So, if your making any of the above moves, "Contact Us" Or use the E-mail Address Provided Below.

Site & Page Maintenance is playing an increasingly important part of maintaining a strong presence on The Internet & in relationship to other promotional campaigns you may be running. A well put together Site can make a huge difference. Many businesses are looking at all the alternatives, especially if they are not getting the action required from their current design. We can make sure the site is working for you and offer options to make it even better! Many businesses are promoting their Web-Pages & Sites in all their material and advertising. Keeping your information current and up-dated can really make a difference for your business. This will free up much of your time. The media and other promotional companies, with your permission can access your Site/Page and download the necessary information from it.

Now if your looking to advertise, check us out under "ADVERTISING". Looking To Promote, See "PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS"

Failure To Maintain or Renew

We do our best to get businesses to keep their information current. We all make choices, and unfortunately some businesses decide to go their separate ways. In the process, for whatever reason, a business may not maintain their Page or Site. For security, a copy is kept on file to protect our client. So, the information is never really lost. Some folks do not understand what they really had until it's out of date or no longer listed with us. When a business fails to renew, up-date or pay for server support a number of things can take place. First, we notify them and try to sort things out. If our efforts fail we un-list the business from the directory And charge the business for the balance of server support left unpaid. If the business no longer wants the page or site, they then loose control of it and the pricing they originally enjoyed. To make sure our customers have access to an alternative service, we then re-direct The Page or Site back to our directory. If they want the Page or Site totally deleted, they will be charged accordingly for this service

On the Up-Side the business can regain control of the Page or Site by paying the balance left on account, Up-dating the information and renewal of server support. This is by far the best option as these Pages and Sites are an excellent investment.

Disclaimer: The Edmonton Bulletin & Bulletin International.com sites cannot be held responsible for the Failure of a business, company or organization to maintain their Ads, Pages & Sites, Server Support or continue their listing on our directories. Nor, can we be held to any preconceived time constraints if conditions arise that effect completion of a Page or Site during layout and design. Once work has commenced, there is no refund of services.

"We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs in all respects and earn your business!"

E-mail: manage@edmontonbulletin.com



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