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Joint Ventures...
The Edmonton Bulletin largely services Edmonton, the Surrounding Committees And Alberta. The information we send out, now reaches across Canada into The United States and now Overseas. In fact, we doubled our distribution in 1998 & 1999! We estimate that our growth Will triple in 2000. As a result of this growth, we are now offering Joint Business Ventures.

The direct servicing of other City Centres is the door that has now been opened. Looking to get into business...

This Opportunity may be the vehicle for you! Now, with the addition of Bulletin International.com we are now attracting Businesses with a global presence making the playing field that much more Appealing.

Rather than starting from scratch, scrape together the needed capital and Have to Compete with an already competitive market…join us! We've done all the trials, Know the competition and found "Our Niche" in the market place. Offering the full range of services and continually expanding allows us the luxury of Playing the heavyweight.

A number of business people, just starting out or already In business themselves, are looking to the RE-SELLERSHIP PROGRAM. Our business is designed around a network of businesses. Someone like you may be perfect for participating in our continuing advance in to The marketplace. From a growth perspective, your interest and background could Be a big asset to our business. If you want to join our business, there will be a Number of areas we will have to discuss.

To start, in any case, you can benefit from the RE-SELLERSHIP PROGRAM. Reseller ship, is just that, you become An Executive Representative for Bulletin International.com and Re-sell Our Services.

We specially cost-out all our services, so you can remain competitive and still Provide a great value to customers. The addition Collection of PST or other forms of Tax is not an issue in Alberta or do Boarders appear to be an issue on the Internet. The reason, we are all apart of The Global Village.

In Canada GST does not have to be collected until you reach a net profit after Expenses of 30,000. If you want to benefit from the return on GST at tax time, then a GST number will be necessary. Your preference. Clarification of the Reseller ship Program can be provided to you in detail and an agreement between us will be drafted and signed.

Recommend you register under "Your Own Business Name", as a Sole Proprietorship. This will benefit you greatly, costs little, allowing you to claim back a good deal of your expenses. Meals & Entertainment (50%), A percentage of travel, gas, rent or mortgage, utilities, stationary supplies, computer needs, etc.

We can set you up with our accountant at tax time, she is excellent, has an excellent reputation and manages to get me a descent return every year.

Whether you're Local or Overseas we would like to test your market. We provide support, by phone & e-mail to give you an idea how our business works. The clients you sign up are yours for life as long as you are with us! We may have to set up "A Bulletin", that you will do the groundwork on for the local business community in your area of influence. In this case you would also carry the Title of Executive Co-ordinator, (name of region).

Bulletin International.com is your tie-in for businesses and organizations requiring a global presence.

Ownership, will remain under Bulletin International.com, If you are looking at further opportunities with us from an investment stand point, we are prepared to visit this issue.

Contact us to get all the details, We have a number of options you will want to explore!
E-mail: ventures@edmontonbulletin.com



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