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There is a difference!
Many start with simply listing their business on various sites. Doing some advertising on the Internet. The Creation of a Web-Page Program is key and eventually leads to developing a Fully Functioning Web-Site.

Web-Page Programs

Your Web-Page can be hosted on The Edmonton Bulletin & Bulletin International Site Or another business/personal site of your choice with consent of the host. Our only caution out-side of our control, is that you make sure the host you choose provides the option of access to your information and understands you are owner. In today's age a written agreement or statement stating these facts is a good idea.

Taking the time to create a Web-Page is important! Despite what others may have told you, Page and Site creation is a "building process" that is meant to enhance your business presence on-line. We take the time and sit down with you to produce the type of design that will best suit your needs and work well for your business or organization. All the Pages we have been involved with are totally "user friendly" and can be viewed by virtually all browsers. Companies of all shapes and sizes are coming to us because of our willingness to learn about their business and present a number of drafts before the information is loaded to a site or host server. The process allows for the total control of the Web-Page and it's design, to remain in the hands of the business we are working with! Today this is becoming a very important issue.

A Web-Page consists of Your Logo/Crest, Two Pictures, All pertinent contact information and a FULL Write-up on your business. We add hyper-links to connect you to other related Pages and Sites and ask that these Pages and Sites link back to yours. Additional pages can be added to enhance your program and form the basis to develop a Full-Fledged Web-Site.

A Page or Sites Completion: Depends on the work involved, number of pages in the program, amount of information to be keyed in, there's the creativity aspect, and design or graphic artwork required to complete the job. The drafts and layout of your information can be an excieting process. You get a preview of how your business will be presented on the internet. Ideally we would like to get final approval before the Page Program or Site is loaded to the server that hosts your information. On adverage, if everything goes according to plan, this process alone can run anywhere from (4) four to (6) six weeks.

This is not a process you would want to rush, as webmasters do need time and freedom to create. Especially in the area of Custom Design. The time element is largely dependent on the number of products & services you are offering. Content, Graphics, Pictures will also determine the size of the Web-Page or Site Program and what format would work the best.

Effectiveness & Results

Depending on the nature of your business will have a direct effect on results once you are up and running. There are seasonal issues, costs associated, a number of factors that may generate interest in what you are offering, effecting the delivery of the appropriate results. In these cases, more investigation and research may have to be applied. We are limited as to our efforts are centred around your needs and funds invested. Results vary from business to business. There are a number of factors that influence productivity or effectiveness. Much depends on how actively you promote the Web-page or Site. There is the strength of your business and how well known or established it is! Is your Web-Address on your business cards, customer receipts or purchase orders? We take a great deal of pride in our efforts. Much of our success has been built around our willingness to Understand and grasp the nature of your business.

You can find more interesting information on this subject in "FAQ".

Web-Pages can be built into the development of Web-Sites saving you time, money and maximizing your investment. This is why our services are becoming more and more appealing to businesses looking to build on the Internet.

Need more on Web-pages? E-mail: webpages@edmontonbulletin.com

Web Site Development

We have the resources to assist you in the development and hosting of a Stand - Alone - Independent - Web-Site.

Stand - Alone - Independent - Web-Sites require the registration and clearance of your own Web-Address or Domain Name. We have a number of options that will assist you in this procedure. Registration of a .com or .net domain name is done through Internet Solutions and costs 70.00 U.S., for two years or 109.22 CDN, and 35.00 U.S., for every year following. As to the many number of Domains being registered, we can expect a wait before approval is obtained and you must have a server to register them. If you are a provincially or nationally registered Canadian business, you can apply for; .ab.ca or .ca domain names. The wait time on these are longer, however, Once you obtain this name, it is yours for life and currently there is no cost. Applications are being processed anywhere from 6-8 weeks. The Registering of a Domain Name's is largely to indicate that you are the owner of this name and site. For your protection, make sure you are listed as the Administrative Contact. You have an option of allowing us to screen your mail or you will need a line/cable connection, and can choose the one best suited or available. To host your site, you will require A SERVER. See "HOSTING" for all the options. Overall, the costs for Page & Site development have dropped considerably over the last three years making "The Internet", a serious consideration for home, small & large businesses.

Many businesses are making the statement, "The Internet is quickly becoming a very effective and efficient tool. If your not on it, you'd better get to it or you'll be lost in the shuffle!" From the point of attracting and doing business to e-mail communication The Internet is the way to go, there's no argument. Cutting down on long distance costs and the delivery of important graphics or pictures not adequately displayed by Fax or Photo-Copy.. A Facsimile is quickly being replaced by e-mail, no more wasted paper! Many businesses are only utilizing fax machines for hard copy quotes, requests, purchase orders and memos. E-mail is becoming the total information source and delivery system.

Need more on Web-Sites? E-mail: websites@edmontonbulletin.com



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