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Hosting is the server support for your Web-Page or Site. We have a couple of options for you:

1.) When you build a Web-Page Program, we provide server support on our site for a full year . By renewing your support with us, we include a Page update of text and the addition of two pictures or graphics. We offer additional E-mail Accounts for a low yearly cost that includes prescreening and faxing Over to your business. This is extremely nice if you have no time to receive or deal with E-mail and do not want a line /cable connection to browse the Internet. Domains can be registered and routed to your Page Program upgrading you to Web-Site Status. There is a routing cost of 20.00CD per Domain or additional Domain

2.) If you require Independent Server Support, we can offer you 99 Mega-Bites of Memory & 99 E-mail Accounts for 124.77 CD for One Full Year. This includes the tracking feature we offer on our system along with setup of five (5) E-mail Accounts for you and your staff. If you require additional e-mails you can easily do this yourself or we will charge you an hourly rate to set them up.

3.) We require a one time fee for loading your website to a server of 100.00CD. This applies to both the above.

Need hosting for your business? E-mail us: hosting@edmontonbulletin.com



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